FORM: A season of exhibitions by female contemporary sculptors

Summerhall Arts presents it’s first set of exhibitions that will be held within the galleries of Summerhall arts village and sees the unveiling of FORM: A season of exhibitions by female contemporary sculptors.

Mella Shaw presents Sounding Line, an installation exposing the overuse of marine sonar and it’s devastating effect on deep diving whale species;  Camilla Ospina Gaitán’s An Uncanny Feeling That She Was Being Watched examines the male gaze concept, through the sculptural use of glass, ceramics and textiles;  Yumiko Ono investigates the concept of utopia, an ideal world in imagination, through the reconstitution of materials to produce novel form in Composition IV; Emma Hislop responds to the Summerhall Post Mortem Gallery space and invites an autopsy of synchronicities, unpacking imagery from myth and lore surrounding Summerhall and Rosslyn Chapel in What is Left Behind and recent graduate Rowan walker explores our relationship to pain and experience of clinical environments in her work Foreign Objects.

Opening times:

Wednesday – Sunday, 11am – 5pm,1st of December 2023 – 25th of February 2024.

Christmas and New Years Closures:

23rd of December 2023 – 3rd of January 2024, inclusive.

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Latest Past Events

Sounding Line

Summerhall Summerhall Place, Edinburgh

Mella Shaw is an artist and an environmental activist using themes of balance, tipping points, fragility, and loss to raise awareness and inspire change.

An Uncanny Feeling That She Was Being Watched

Summerhall Summerhall Place, Edinburgh

Wednesday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm Closed from the 23rd of December 2023 - 3rd of January 2024 inclusive. A solo exhibition of contemporary sculpture that redefines the Male Gaze …

What is Left Behind

Summerhall Summerhall Place, Edinburgh

What is Left Behind unveils the previously unopened to the public Post Mortem Room as a new gallery space, bringing together Emma Hislop’s practice and the history of the room within the Royal Dick Veterinary School.